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The Next Generation Clinic

At PIMG, we are redefining healthcare by blending cutting-edge technology with a patient-centric approach. Our team of dedicated specialists are committed to delivering exceptional care tailored to your unique needs. Experience the future of healthcare today at PIMG, where your health and well-being are our top priority.

Where Modern Healthcare Meets Personalized Care

PIMG, spearheaded by the vision of Dr. Jamal Lone, has evolved into a beacon of healthcare excellence. With Dr. Lone's extensive experience in internal medicine and leadership in healthcare management, PIMG has been at the forefront of providing top-tier medical services. Our story is one of unwavering commitment to health and well-being, underpinned by a philosophy of forward-thinking healthcare.

1. Our Journey

From the heart of Dallas, Texas, our services encompass perioperative medicine, hospitalist care, and a multitude of specialties. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive care models, which include Perioperative Centers of America, PIMG-hospitalist group supported by a growing a growing multispeciality division. Each division is dedicated to delivering personalized care, utilizing advanced medical technology and evidence-based practices.

3. What we Offer

Choosing PIMG means opting for a healthcare experience grounded in compassion and exceptional outcomes. With our finger on the pulse of medical advancements and a heart for patient care, we stand ready to be your trusted healthcare ally.

5. Your Choice

Our expansion into various healthcare settings, from acute care Such as hospitals to independent living communities, underscores our commitment to accessible and tailored healthcare. We are not just a team; we're partners in your health journey, offering guidance through pre-surgical evaluations and ensuring preparedness for procedures across the DFW area.

2. Our Growth

At PIMG, collaboration is key. We unite hospitalists, sub-specialists, midlevel providers, and a dedicated office staff to ensure consistent, top-notch care. Whether it's managing chronic diseases, providing pre & post-operative care, while responding to emergencies, our team's expertise is always at the forefront.

4. Our Core

Meet Us

Founder & President

Dr. Lone

Internal Medicine

Dr. Suhail


Dr. Umber

At PIMG, our goal is to revolutionize healthcare delivery through innovation and compassion. Our mission is to provide high-quality, comprehensive medical care that is both accessible and tailored to the individual needs of our patients.


We strive to create a healthcare environment where the latest medical advancements are harmoniously blended with genuine patient care, ensuring that every individual receives the best possible treatment tailored to their unique health journey.

Access to healthcare anytime, anywhere. Our virtual consultation services ensure you receive expert care from the comfort of your home.



Our diverse team of specialists are equipped to address a wide range of health concerns, providing you with holistic care under one roof.

Comprehensive Specialty Care


Each patient's journey is unique. We develop customized care plans that focus on your specific health goals and needs.

Personalized Treatment Plans


Experience care in a modern setting. Our clinics are equipped with the latest medical technologies and designed for your comfort and safety.

State-of-the-Art Facilities


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